Jacques Bordiot

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Jacques Bordiot
Born Jean Costes
(1900-08-15) 15 August 1900 (age 117)
Agen, France
Died 3 April 1983(1983-04-03) (aged 82)
Nancray-sur-Rimarde, France
Occupation Essayist, journalist
Language French
Nationality French
Subjects Anti-masonic conspiracy theories
Military career
Allegiance  France (1940-1945)
Service/branch Civil and Naval Ensign of France.svg French Navy
Years of service 1940-1945
Battles/wars World War II

Jean Costes (15 August 1900 – 3 April 1983), better known by his pen name Jacques Bordiot, was a French journalist and writer who focused mainly on anti-masonic conspiracy theories.


Costes attended the École Navale and served as an artillery officer and naval lieutenant in the Middle East. In 1940, he chose to follow Marshal Philippe Pétain and join the Vichy armed forces. In 1945, he was dismissed from the French Navy and was then imprisoned during the épuration; one of his best known fellow detainees was Henry Coston.

During the 1950s he worked at Noël Jacquemart's Écho de la Presse and at La Vie des Métiers. He then worked for the extreme right-wing periodical Lectures françaises as an editorial writer and published several books on Freemasonry, synarchies, belief of Antisemitic conspiracies and "hidden rulers".[1]


According to Bordiot, between 1918 and 1922, Vladimir Lenin paid the investment bank of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. approximately 600 million gold rubles, equivalent to approximately $450 million, while after the Bolshevik Revolution the Rockefellers' company Standard Oil of New Jersey bought 50% of the oilfields in the Caucasus, although they were officially state property.

In his book Une main cachée dirige..., he analyses power in the Anglo-American sphere.[2]


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