Saint Henri Square

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Saint Henri Square
French: square Saint-Henri
Parc Saint-Henri 05.JPG
The Jacques Cartier Monument in Saint Henri Square
Saint Henri Square is located in Montreal
Saint Henri Square
Type Town square
Location Saint Henri, Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates 45°28′48″N 73°35′11″W / 45.48008°N 73.58629°W / 45.48008; -73.58629Coordinates: 45°28′48″N 73°35′11″W / 45.48008°N 73.58629°W / 45.48008; -73.58629
Created 1893
Operated by City of Montreal

Saint Henri Square (French: square Saint-Henri) is a town square in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is centrally located in the Saint Henri neighbourhood of the Southwest borough. The square is bordered by Saint Antoine Street West to the north, Agnes Street to the west, Place Guay to the south and Laporte Avenue to the east.[1]

In 1890, the former city of Saint Henri acquired some land adjacent to Saint Antoine Street to create a small public park. It would become the first public park in Saint Henri.[2]

The square is surrounded by Victorian row houses and triplexes which were built for members of the local elite.[2]

Jacques Cartier Monument[edit]

Jacques Cartier Monument
Parc Saint-Henri 03.JPG
Coordinates 45°28′48″N 73°35′11″W / 45.48008°N 73.58629°W / 45.48008; -73.58629
Location Saint Henri Square
Designer Joseph-Arthur Vincent
Type Monument
Material Cast iron
Height 9 metres (30 ft)
Opening date 1893
Dedicated to Jacques Cartier
Original monument in 1945

A commission for a monument to the French explorer Jacques Cartier was made shortly thereafter to Quebec sculptor Joseph-Arthur Vincent. In 1893, this statue was installed in the centre of the square.[2] It was designed by Joseph-Arthur Vincent and was unveiled in 1893.[2] It stands 9 metres (30 ft) tall and was made of cast iron.[3]

In the 1990s, the Cartier statue was replaced with a replica because the original had deteriorated due to exposure. In 1992, working from both original and archival photographs, sculptor Jules Lasalle produced a faithful copy. The original statue was then relocated to the Place Saint Henri metro station.[2]

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