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Jacques Grüber

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Jacques Grüber

Jacques Grüber (25 January 1870 – 15 December 1936) was a French woodworker and glass artist.[1]


Grüber was born in Sundhouse (Alsace). After starting his training at the Fine Arts School of Nancy [fr], where he would later be a teacher, he followed his learning with Gustave Moreau in Paris thanks to a student grant of Nancy.

In 1893, he made some decorations for Daum, some furniture for Majorelle and book covers for René Wiener.

In 1897, he founded his own studio where he specialised in glass working and stained glass windows, and in 1901 he was one of the founders of the École de Nancy. In 1914, he moved to Paris where he opened a studio in the 14th arrondissement.

He did the stained glass windows of the Villa Bleue in Barcelonnette.[2]

He died in Paris. His son Francis Gruber was a famous painter and his son Jean-Jacques Grüber, was also a glass artist like his father.

Stained glass windows[edit]


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