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Jacques Grange
Born1944 (age 77–78)
OccupationInterior designer

Jacques Grange, born in 1944, is a French interior designer.


After completing his training at the École Boulle and the École Camondo, Grange made a career as a decorator in France and abroad from the 1970s. His main customers included Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, for whom he decorated the Château Gabriel, in Benerville-sur-Mer, in the style of In Search of Lost Time.[1] His usual customers include Isabelle Adjani, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Alain Ducasse, François Pinault, Robert Agostinelli, Valentino, Francis Ford Coppola[2] and Karl Lagerfeld.[3][4] In New York City, he provided the decoration of Paloma Picasso's jewelry shop, of the Mark Hotel on Madison Avenue, and of the Barbizon Hotel.

His style is characterized by a harmony between traditional and contemporary tastes, with an assortment of styles that follows the line of Madeleine Castaing,[5] who taught him the art of decoration.[6]

In 1980, Grange acquired Colette's apartment, at the Palais-Royal in Paris. He rearranged it in order to make it his residence while respecting the spirit of the place.[7]


  • Pierre Passebon, Jacques Grange, Éditions du Regard, 2008

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