Jacques Raymond Brascassat

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Jacques Raymond Brascassat

Jacques Raymond Brascassat (30 August 1804 – 28 February 1867) was a French painter noted for his paintings of animals.


Jacques-Raymond Brascassat - A Bull Fight

He was born in Bordeaux and studied art in Paris, where in 1825 he won a prix de Rome with a picture Chasse de Meleagre. He went to Italy and painted a number of landscapes which were exhibited between 1827 and 1835, but subsequently he devoted himself mainly to animal-painting, in which his reputation as an artist was made. His Lutte de taureaux (1837), in the musee at Nantes, and his Vache attaquee par des loups (1845) were perhaps the best of his pictures, but he was remarkable for his accuracy of observation and correct drawing. He was elected a member of the Institute in 1846. He died in Paris in 1867.


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There is a painting by this painter in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts in Texas("Bullfight").