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Jacquet River is a former municipality in Restigouche County, New Brunswick, Canada on the Jacquet River. It is now part of the municipality of Belledune, and has a population of about 1,200 people.

It has an elementary and middle school, which is also used by the surrounding communities. It has a grocery store, along with a few locally owned convenience stores. It has a municipal park, which is maintained by the village. It is to be noted a famous song of the 1970s by Canadian artist Ray Griff is referenced to Jacquet River.[1]


Jacquet River has a very strong history with many families having deep roots there, including the Guitard, Gauthier, Joncas, Cormier, Furlotte, Lapointe, Carriers, Hickey, Mallaley, Kelly, Dempsey, McNair, Driscoll, Culligan and Doyle who originally settled by James Augustus Doyle in 1791.

In 1994, the Village of Jacquet River, along with a few unincorporated communities amalgamated with the Village of Belledune to form a larger village known as Belledune: "The Super Village".

Jacquet River is an English community, even though many confuse it with its fairly French name. Most people agree that Jacquet River got its name for the famous French explorer, Jacque Cartier, who landed around this area.

A Sign for Jacquet River still found in area

Coordinates: 47°55′01″N 66°00′00″W / 47.917°N 66.000°W / 47.917; -66.000

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