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Antonius Rex-wiki.jpg
Antonio Bartoccetti (Jacula and Antonius Rex leader)
Background information
Origin Milan, Italy
Genres Progressive rock[1]
Years active 1969-present[2]
Labels Black Widow Records (last known)
Website www.antoniusrex.com
  • Antonio Bartoccetti
  • Rexanthony
  • Florian Gorman
  • Monika Tasnad
Past members
  • Franz Porthenzy
  • Doris Norton
  • Charles Tiring

Jacula is an Italian progressive rock band founded in 1969 in Milan as an experiment by Antonio Bartoccetti, Doris Norton, organist Charles Tiring and medium Franz Porthenzy.[3]

Jacula's music was considered innovative for the time in progressive circles but considered dark and strange by most fans and analysts of the genre, especially in an era that included the development of groups such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Gentle Giant, bands which were the basis of the new progressive rock scene.[citation needed]

Because the band was experimental, and had been labeled by founder Antonio Bartoccetti as a youth mistake[citation needed], Jacula's discography is relatively small.

The group completed two albums: In Cauda Semper Stat Venenum which has a superposition of an organ, piano and other sound effects, and Tardo Pede In Magiam Versus which features Fiamma Dello Spirito's vocals, with a sound influenced by bands of the Italian underground scene such as Le Orme[citation needed]. In the 1970s, Jacula changed their name to Antonius Rex, maintaining the same lineup.

After nearly four decades, Jacula released their third studio album Pre Viam in May, 2011.



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