Jacupiranga State Park

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Jacupiranga State Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Jacupiranga State Park
Map showing the location of Jacupiranga State Park
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Coordinates 24°52′9″S 48°21′0″W / 24.86917°S 48.35000°W / -24.86917; -48.35000Coordinates: 24°52′9″S 48°21′0″W / 24.86917°S 48.35000°W / -24.86917; -48.35000
Area 150,000 hectares
Established 1969

Jacupiranga State Park is a large state park in São Paulo, Brazil.[1] It is the second largest conservation area in São Paulo having a total area of approximately 150,000 hectares (1,500 km2.),[2] and contains large tracts of Atlantic Forest.[3] The park was designated in 1969, and is named for the municipality Jacupiranga.[4] The park is categorized as a National park under the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.[5]

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