Jade (Chaos! Comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Chaos! Comics
First appearance 2001
In-story information
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed and physical resistance,
Healing factor,
Control of animals modes,
Weather control,
Flight or Levitationw/ third eye,

Jade is fictional comic book character published by Chaos! Comics.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Jade is a 4000-year-old vampire-sorceress who has been the leader of a powerful Shanghai crime family for over a millennium, a position she inherited from her father. For ages, it was a position she filled based on honor. Her competitors believe "Jade" is a title given to the woman who controlled the family in each generation.

In the 20th century, she comes to believe that China has lost much of its honor and dignity. In an effort to restore honor, she is using her supernatural powers to bring all the other Triad families under her control and through them, take control of China itself.