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Jade Mountain (Chinese: 玉山; pinyin: Yùshān) is a mythological mountain in Chinese mythology and residence of The Queen Mother of the West.[1]


Jade Mountain should not be confused with any geographic places named Yushan. Also note, Jade Mountain and Feather Mountain (Chinese: 羽山; pinyin: Yǔshān) are both important places in Chinese mythology, but the Chinese word yu in both cases has a different character.

It has been suggested that the mountain corresponds to a location in the Kunlun Mountains and that 'jade mountain' is a common Chinese name to describe a snow-capped peak.[2]


Jade Mountain is mentioned in Chapter 2 of the Han Dynasty text Classic of Mountains and Seas as being the residence of the Queen Mother of the West.[3] It is thought that Jade Mountain, along with the Queen Mother of the West, date back to much earlier; the 4th century BCE Zhuangzi also describes her residence as being on a mountain.[4]

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