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Jade Tree International, Inc. is an independent record label formed by Darren Walters and Tim Owen in 1990 in Wilmington, Delaware.


Origin (1987-1990)[edit]

Owen met Walters at a punk show in Washington, D.C. in 1987.[1] At the time Walters had already released a record on his label Hi-Impact Records. Owen and his friend Carl Hedgepath decided to create their own label Axtion Packed Records. Both these labels focused on straight edge hardcore.[1]

After Owen graduated from college, in 1990, he wanted to start a new label with greater musical diversity. He felt Walters was good at the business side of running a label and ask him to co-found.[1]

Growth and becoming established (1991-1996)[edit]

The new label started with many post-hardcore and noise rock bands.[citation needed]. Kurt Sayenga designed the artwork for the label's second and third releases.[1]

The label began incorporating emo, punk, melodic hardcore, and experimental groups into their line-up. Through college, they grew the label into a stable roster by 1995.[citation needed]

In 1996, sales started to increase after the label released The Promise Ring's 30° Everywhere. They continued to grow through the releases by Lifetime and Jets to Brazil. The label used the graphic designers Jason Gnewikow and Jeremy Dean for many releases.[1]

Middle years (1997-2008)[edit]

Bands signed by Jade Tree have released albums which saw regular radio play, including Alkaline Trio, Pedro the Lion, Jets to Brazil, and Joan of Arc.[citation needed]

Downsizing (2009-2013)[edit]

When key distributor Touch and Go Records downsized in 2009 Jade Tree scaled down too. This led to a lessening of the frequency of new releases from the label.[1]

Digital release and regrowth (2014-2016)[edit]

Jade Tree made its entire discography available for digital download and streaming on Bandcamp in June 2014. This marked a planned increase in the number of new releases.[1]

In February 2015, the label signed the band Dogs on Acid.[2]

Epitaph purchase(2017-present)[edit]

In 2017 Epitaph Records purchased Jade Tree's entire catalog and started to re-release the back catalogue on vinyl.

Bands signed[edit]


In September 2009, These Arms Are Snakes said they felt the label was not focused on supporting the bands. They added that they did not appreciate being charged a fee to leave the label, although they added that it was not very much.[3]

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