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جدية عثمان

Jadia Osman is a TV presenter from Sudan. She works in London as a reporter / Presenter for the MBC [1], [2], (Middle East Broadcast Channel), MBC/Alarabiya London Office.

Jadia obtained Level 3 Diploma In Media Techniques (Video Production) London (City Of Westminster College) [3] Including Media Industries: Organization, Regulation And Practice, Research and, Commercial Video Production, Freelancer Employment and Short Filmmaking. She also had courses in Broadcast Presentation in London Metropolitan University.

Her most popular programs involved variety late show programs, open and live cultural and variety programs, special programs in Ramadan and other festivities, live and recorded public interviews in Sudan TV, Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation, Blue Nile Channel and MBC.

Also, Jadia Osman is an active member of the Arab International Women's Forum [4] and Sudanese Community Council in UK & Ireland [5].