Jadranski naftovod

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Jadranski naftovod
Traded as ZSEJNAF
(suspension of trading)[1]
Industry Oil and gas
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Key people
Dragan Kovačević (Chairman)
Services Oil transportation
Number of employees
Website www.janaf.hr

Jadranski naftovod (JANAF) is a crude oil transportation company in Croatia. It operates the JANAF oil transport system, a part of the Adria oil pipeline.

JANAF operates oil terminal of the Port of Rijeka in Omišalj on the Krk Island.[2][3][4] In 2010, the Port of Rijeka Liquid Cargo Terminal transported 6.4 million tonnes of oil, representing a 7% drop compared to 6.9 million tonnes transported in 2009.[5] In 2010, JANAF recorded annual revenue of 464.9 million kuna (62.8 million euro), less than 1% down from 2009, and annual net profit of 118.5 million kuna (16 million euro), up 11% compared to the previous year. However, JANAF operations include other facilities and services besides the oil terminal concession in the Port of Rijeka.[6] JANAF is a joint stock company owned by Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (50.5%), INA (16%), the Republic of Croatia (14.5%) and other shareholders owning less than 10% of stock each. JANAF chairman of the board is Dragan Kovačević.[7] JANAF had 380 employees working in Omišalj terminal and other JANAF facilities in Croatia.[8] JANAF's share was listed as part of CROBEX before March 2011.[9]


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