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Jaeson Ma
Born (1980-11-11) November 11, 1980 (age 36)
Lubbock, Texas
Nationality American
Occupation Media executive, artist and missionary

Jaeson Ma (Chinese: 馬正遠; pinyin: Mǎ Zhēngyuǎn; born November 11, 1980) is an American talent manager, producer, writer, musician and missionary who is best known for his work as a media consultant, artist and inspirational speaker.

Early life and education[edit]

Jaeson Ma was born on November 11, 1980 in Lubbock, Texas of Chinese descent. Jaeson was the youngest of three children. According to a CBN article of Ma's testimony, he had a difficult childhood in San Jose, California, and was involved in stealing and selling drugs. When the police showed up to Ma's house one day with a warrant for his arrest, Ma decided to "[get] his heart right with God" and "came clean of all his wrongdoing".[1] Following his conversion, Ma served as a missionary, church planter, and writer before becoming an artist and media executive.[2]

Ma went on to earn degrees in Bible theology, business management, and youth ministry. Ma has ministered on various college campuses including San Jose State University and UCLA.[1]


Ma founded EWA (East West Artists) a global media company. Currently, EWA manages Mark Chao, Godfrey Gao, Van Ness Wu, Cung Le, Agnes Monica, and others in partnership with Untitled Entertainment. Jaeson's passion and mission is to break Asian talent into mainstream pop culture. He has always believed in the power of talent to change and reconcile the cultures of east and west.

Jaeson formerly worked with Plan C agency and Adventures Corp which managed known Asian talents Far East Movement, Jin the MC, Daniel Wu and other top tier Asian global artists.

Ma is also known for his work as a rap musician, actor, and pastor. Zoe Li, a CNN reporter, referred to Ma as the "world's most prominent Asian hip-hop pastor, travelling the globe and spreading the Christian word of God through music".[3]

Ma has also been noted as a blogger and as a minister. He is credited for leading the Chinese-Canadian film actor and rapper, Edison Chen, in a religious-conversion experience to Christianity.[3]

Ma has been described as a friend and mentor to various Korean pop artists such as 2NE1, Girls' Generation's Tiffany and Sooyoung, Super Junior's Choi Siwon, ex-UKISS member Alexander Lee Eusebio, Jinusean's Sean, Big Bang, 2NE1, After School, and many others. According to some sources, Ma seemed concerned with the increasing rate of suicide among "Korean artists & entertainers".[4][5][6]

His company UNEW (Universal Network East West) is a production company for East West media and entertainment.


Ma has worked with MC Hammer in 1040, which is a documentary on Christianity's growth in Asia.[7][8]

Ma spent three months working on the film touring China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia to document the explosive growth of Christianity in Asia. While on tour, he filmed interviews with church leaders, Asian celebrities, artists, and entrepreneurs representing both Christians and non-Christians.[9]


In September 2009, Ma's hit single, "Love" (featuring Bruno Mars), was produced by KevNish from Far East Movement. In the first two weeks of the music video's release, it received 60,000 hits on YouTube and was #10 on Amazon's mp3 sales.[10][11]

Ma performed alongside David Crowder Band, Seabird, and Danyew at Fresh 2009—held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.[12]

Ma released a new album, Glory, on December 7, 2010.[2]

Jaeson is releasing a new mixtape album called "Confession X Resurrection" in 2013 based on his life experiences between 2010-2012.


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