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Three pieces of Jaffas confectionery
Main ingredientsChocolate, orange flavouring

Jaffas are an Australian-New Zealand registered trademark for a small round sweet consisting of a soft chocolate centre with a hard covering of orange flavoured, red coloured confectionery. The name derives from the Jaffa orange. The sweet is part of both Australiana[1] and Kiwiana.[2]

James Stedman-Henderson's Sweets Ltd, under their brand Sweetacres,[3] released Jaffas onto the Australian and New Zealand markets in 1931.[4] The confectionery is currently made in Australia by Allen's lollies, a division of Nestlé and in New Zealand by RJ's Licorice in Levin.

A number of Australian and New Zealand amateur sporting groups use Jaffas as a team name. In Dunedin, New Zealand every year a vast quantity of Jaffas is raced down Baldwin Street – the world's steepest residential street, according to the Guinness World Records[5] – as part of the Cadbury Chocolate carnival, which is held in conjunction with the New Zealand International Science Festival.[6][7] The initial number of 20,000 Jaffas has now been increased to 30,000 Jaffas.

The Australian supermarket business Coles has a generic version called "Choc Orange Balls"; similar products are made by other manufacturers.

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