Jagüey Grande

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Jagüey Grande
Libertadores Square
Libertadores Square
Jagüey Grande municipality (red) within  Matanzas Province (yellow) and Cuba
Jagüey Grande municipality (red) within
Matanzas Province (yellow) and Cuba
Jagüey Grande is located in Cuba
Jagüey Grande
Location of Jagüey Grande in Cuba
Coordinates: 22°31′45″N 81°07′57″W / 22.52917°N 81.13250°W / 22.52917; -81.13250Coordinates: 22°31′45″N 81°07′57″W / 22.52917°N 81.13250°W / 22.52917; -81.13250
Country  Cuba
Province Matanzas
Founded 1762[1]
 • Total 882 km2 (341 sq mi)
Elevation 135 m (443 ft)
Population (2007)[3]
 • Total 87,771
 • Density 65.5/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Area code(s) +53-52

Jaguey Grande, simply known as Jagüey (Spanish pronunciation: [xaˈɣwej]), is a town and municipality in the Matanzas Province of Cuba. It is located east of the Zapata Peninsula, north of the Bahia de Cochinos, along the A1 motorway in the center of the province.


The municipality was historically divided into the barrios of Pueblo (town's centre), Gallardo, López, Murga Sinú and Rovira.[1] Nowadays it counts the town itself and the popular councils (consejos populares, i.e. villages) of Agramonte,[4] Australia,[5] San José de Marcos[6] and Torriente.[7] Agramonte, the most populated village, was an autonomous municipality until the 1976 reform.


In 2007, the municipality of Jagüey Grande had a population of 87,771.[3] With a total area of 882 km2 (341 sq mi),[2] it has a population density of 65.5/km2 (170/sq mi).

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