Jag är din krigare

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Jag är din krigare
Directed by Stefan Jarl
Produced by Staffan Hedqvist
Written by Stefan Jarl
Starring Robin Milldoff
John Belindo
Jan Malmsjö
Mikael Persbrandt
Music by Ulf Dageby
Edited by Anette Lykke-Lundberg
Distributed by SF
Release date
  • 21 February 1997 (1997-02-21)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Jag är din krigare ("I Am Your Warrior") (also known as Bjørnens søn ("Son of the Bear") and Nature's Warrior) is a 1997 Swedish/Danish action film directed by Stefan Jarl.

The movie mainly takes place in the nature around Lidköping.


Thirteen-year-old Kim feels at home in the wilderness. One night, nature's soul appears to him in the form of an Indian, and designates him nature's protector. Kim decides to remain out in the forest and live off what nature provides. Soon, however, Kim's assignment becomes more serious. He has to try and save as many animals as he can from man's pointless killing, and he will stop at nothing.


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