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Jag Huang
Huang Jian-wei.jpg
Jag Huang in 2014
Background information
Chinese name 黃健瑋
Pinyin Huáng Jiànwěi (Mandarin)
Born (1981-05-13) May 13, 1981 (age 37)
Other names Huang Chien-wei
Huang Jianwei
Alma mater Taipei National University of the Arts
Occupation Actor, acting coach
Years active 2000—present
Tsai Hsuan-yen (m. 2012)
Children 1

Jag Huang (born May 13, 1981) is a Taiwanese actor and acting coach who began his career in theater. He is known for starring in the television series Wake Up.[1][2] [3][4]

Personal life[edit]

Huang married actress Tsai Hsuan-yen in 2012. Tsai gave birth to their first child, a girl, in the same year.[5][6]



Year English title Original title Role Notes
2001 Two Summers 兩個夏天 Short film
2002 Summer, Dream 石碇的夏天 Hsiao-chih
2002 Twenty Something Taipei 台北晚九朝五
2004 My Fair Laddy 我的逍遙學伴 Perv
2005 The Pain of Others 海巡尖兵 Private Short film
2005 The Strait Story 南方紀事之浮世光影 Doctor
2006 Do Over 一年之初 Ding-an Also acting coach
2006 Silk 詭絲 Bomb Squad B
2007 Spider Lilies 刺青 Senior investigator B Also acting coach
2007 Winds of September 九降風 Police officer Also acting coach
2007 Ransom 贖金 Short film
2008 Love of Ten Thousand Years 愛你一萬年 Short film
2008 God Man Dog 流浪神狗人 Ching Ching's lover
2008 Tea Fight 鬪茶 A-pao
2009 Yang Yang 陽陽 Ming-ren
2010 Crossing the Sentimental Desert 焉知水粉 Chi-shiung Short film
2010 Tears 眼淚 Red Bean
2010 Zoom Hunting 獵豔 Detective
2011 Anti Theft Practice 防盜練習 Short film
2011 Stilnox 舒眠諾斯 Doctor Short film
2011 Change Your Life 改變你的生活
  • Short film
  • Also director, screenwriter and editor
2011 Thief 小偷 Drink stand owner Short film
2011 10+10 N/A Producer Segment "Unwritten Rules"
2012 Father's Lullaby 手機裡的眼淚 Cheng Wen-tao
2012 Life of Pi N/A Sailor
2012 Take Out the Roots 拔根
  • Short film
  • Also director, screenwriter and editor[7]
2012 The Coward 救命 Short film
2013 10pm That Night 那一個晚上10pm Tu Chen-an Short film
2013 Soul 失魂 A-chuan's workmate
2014 The Rice Bomber 白米炸彈客 Yang Ju-men
2014 Paradise in Service 軍中樂園 Training instructor
2016 Ace of Sales 銷售奇姬 Sean
2016 Godspeed 一路順風 Mourner
2017 The Village of No Return 健忘村 Blue Cloud
2017 Father to Son 在一個死亡之後 Fan Pao-te's father


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2003 Banquet 赴宴
2005 45℃ Under the Sky 45℃天空下
2006 Angel Lover 天使情人
2006 Bump Off Lover 愛殺17 Inspector Wang
2008 Police et vous 波麗士大人 Beard
2009 Black & White 痞子英雄 Wu Yang
2009 Letter 1949 我在1949,等你 Lao Ma (1949)
2009 Ranger 歸途 A-kou Film
2010 The Gifts 女王不下班 Yang Chin-lung Alternative title: Four Gifts
2010 Because of You 星光下的童話 Chou Tien-li
2010 Happy Light 幸福微光 Squad leader
2010 Days We Stared at the Sun 他們在畢業的前一天爆炸 Kuo Yi
2010 Lazy Eye Years 看見0.04的幸福 Fu Teng-ta (adult) Film
2011 Innocence 阿戇妹 Yung Tzu
2011 Soldier 勇士們 Chou Ming-chin
2013 Falling 含苞欲墜的每一天 Hsu Hao-yuan
2013 A Doll House 玩偶家庭 Lu Ting-kuo Film
2013 Shackled 閉鎖鏈 Hsiao-nan's father Film
2014 Apple in Your Eye 妹妹 San-mi (Chou Kuan-hsiung)
2015 Dad Was Closed Like a Mountain 爸爸親像山 Chen Yung-shan
2015 A Touch of Green 一把青 Lieutenant of 9th Brigade
2015 Wake Up 麻醉風暴 Hsiao Cheng-hsun
2016 Rock Records in Love – Walk Your Own Way 滾石愛情故事-你走你的路 Hsia Po-feng
2017 1000 Walls in Dream 夢裡的一千道牆 Jason
2017 Wake Up 2 麻醉風暴2 Hsiao Cheng-hsun
2017 Parking Lot 停車格

Music video[edit]

Year Artist Song title
2007 Tien Hsin "We Are in Love"
2009 Tanya Chua "If You See Him"
2010 Rene Liu "To My Fifteen Year Old Self"
2015 Esther Liu "Thank of Myself"
2016 William Wei "Déjà vu"
2016 Ella Chen "Be Yourself" (Ace of Sales version)
2017 Waa Wei and Ma Di "Wednesday or Happy Hump Day"


Year English title Original title Notes
2000 Wild Blue 狂藍
2001 No Comment 無可奉告
2002 Alice in Bed 床上的愛麗絲
2003 God Damn Blue 藍色吧!
2003 Little Trip to Heaven 魚的通天之旅 Also director
2003 Lu Bu vs Three Brothers 三英戰呂布 Peking opera
2003 Room 118 成人娛樂
2003 Criminal Talent 犯罪天份
2004 The Genius 鬼才修劇創之路
2004 The Cherry Orchard 櫻桃園
2004 At the Crossroads 三岔口 Peking opera
2004 Shuiliandong 水簾洞 Peking opera
2004 The Spring Metamorphosis 春天的果實在乾掉之後,略顯陌生了
2004 Staying Focused 越來越難集中精神
2006 Open the Door, Mister 先生,開個門
2006 Night Watch 夜巡 Kunqu
2006 The Merchant of Venice 威尼斯商人
2007 See You in the Air Tomorrow 明天我們空中再見
2009 Design For Living 華麗上班族之生活與生存
2009 Crime of The Heart 寂寞芳心俱樂部
2009 God, Just a Little More Time 神啊!再給我多一點時間!
2010 People of Thebes 底比斯人
2011 Bluesy Lee — Welcome to the 70s 李小龍的阿砸一聲
2014 I Hate Therefore I Marry 恨嫁家族
2014 What is Sex? 紅樓夢
2016 For Youth 我記得......

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2002 4th Taipei Film Awards Best New Talent Summer, Dream Won
2009 46th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actor Yang Yang Nominated
2012 47th Golden Bell Awards Best Leading Actor in a Television Series Innocence Nominated
2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Best Leading Actor in a Television Series Falling Nominated
2015 50th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film Wake Up Nominated
2015 20th Asian Television Awards Best Actor Nominated


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