Jagabandhu Patnaik

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Jagabandhu Patnaik (or Jagu Dewan) was the Dewan of Porahat in Singhbhum, (now in Jharkhand). He served as the Dewan under Raja Achyut Singh and his successor Raja Arjun Singh. Together, they took part in anti-British activities during the 1857 Indian War of Independence. The Kol Rebellion of Singhbhum in 1831 was the outcome of the inspiration and instigation of Jagabandhu Patnaik more popularly known as Jagu Dewan to the Kols. In the 1857 war he too encouraged Raja Arjun Singh to raise his arms against the British. Jagu Dewan with a strong force rose against the British and occupied Chakradharpur. But the British force under Lt. Birch reoccupied Chakradharpur. Jagu Dewan was captured and hanged.[1]


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