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Jagadeesh Kanna
Jagadeesh Kanna

(1988-09-22) 22 September 1988 (age 31)
ResidenceChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
OccupationActor, Playwright, Songwriter, Director, Aeronautical engineer, Entrepreneur, CEO
Years active2015 - Present

Jagadeesh Kanna is an Indian stage actor,[1] playwright and film director, Tamil actor, lyricist best known for writing and directing Oru Cup Coffee, a short film on mercy killing.[2] and "Never give up", a theatre play inspired by the life of Olympic Athlete Derek Redmond. Kanna [3] [4] [1] had his acting debut as the lead in a crowd funded Tamil feature film Naalu Peruku Nalladhuna Edhuvum Thappilla [5] [6] Kanna is the founder and CEO of "Vaayusastra Aerospace" , an educational and research firm combining two disciplines, theatre and aeronautics, With motto of taking Aeronautical knowledge to every village across the Country.Vaayusastra Aerospace is incubated and funded under IIT Madras's RTBI. [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Early life[edit]

Jagadeesh Kanna was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu to a Saurashtrian father and mother. He grew up in Thanjavur, India, where he attended Hindustan University as a master's degree student in aeronautical engineering.[14][15] While in college, he worked as an actor for The Little Theatre and served as joint secretary of the cultural committee for Hindustan University.[16] He received his aeronautical degree from Hindustan University. Kanna is a proprietor and owner of Vaayusastra[17] an educational firm combining theatre arts, aeronautics and practical sciences, which is officially recognized as "Rural Technology Development Firm" by Indian Institute of Technology Madras and incubated under the Rural Technology Business Incubator, which falls under Ministry of Science and Technology (India) [18]



Kanna began his stage career in pantomimes for The Little Theatre from 2009 to 2012.[19] He continued performing for several years.[20][21] The Madras Mag published his short story AnnaParavai.[22]

In 2015, he performed in The Hindu Theatre fest. He was seen in Grand Rehearsals in Chennai to positive reviews.[23]

In addition to stage work, he acted in Tamil feature films Naalu Peruku Nalladhuna Edhuvum Thappilla,[24][25] and Aazhi Tamil (awaiting for release).[26] [1] The film released on 31 March 2017 and had a decent run at the box office but was critically acclaimed by reviewers.[27]


In addition to assisting director/cinematographer Rajiv Menon[1] , Kanna directed a short film titled Oru Cup Coffee.[1][2][28] The film was screened at international short film festivals Cisff and Aisff.[29][30]


Kanna had his lyricist debut with a music album composed by Bjorn Surrao and released by Anirudh Ravichander.

The music video features Punitha Karthik and Kanna making his debut as a lyricist. Beon Surrao has already composed music for the film Naalu Perukku Nalladhuna Yedhuvum Thappilla. The song was directed by Vamsidharan Mukundhan.[31]


List of acting performances in feature film
Year Film / Music Album Language Script Writer/Associate Director Director Actor Lyricist Directed by Character Notes
2015 Oru Cup Coffee (Short Film)[2] Tamil Yes (Script Writer) Yes - - - Starring Arav in Lead cast and Selected & screened at Chennai International Short Film Festival (CISFF) and Ahmednagar International Short Film Festival (AISFF)[29][30]
2017 Naalu Peruku Nalladhuna Edhuvum Thappilla Tamil - - Yes - Dinesh Selvaraj Johnny Asia's first Movie without single female actress in any of the frames
2017 Aazhi Tamil - - Yes Yes Janaki Vishwanathan - Awaiting for Release
2017 Kadhal Neeye (Music Album) Tamil - - Yes Yes Vamshidharan Mukundhan & Composed by Bjorn Surrao Warrior & Artist Released by Anirudh Ravichander


2018 90ML Tamil Yes (Associate Director) - - - Anita Udeep - Awaiting for Release, Oviya Starrer movie after Her Big Boss appearance, A Silambarasan Aka STR Musical


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