Jagadhekamalla II

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Old Kannada inscription (c.1148 AD) of Western Chalukya King Jagadekamalla II

Jagadhekamalla II (r.1138–1151 CE) followed Someshvara III to the Western Chalukya throne.[1] His rule saw the slow decline of the Chalukya empire with the loss of Vengi entirely, though he was still able to control the Hoysalas in the south and the Seuna and Paramara in the north. He patronised Kannada grammarian Nagavarma II, who wrote many famous works including Kavyavalokana and Karnataka Bhashabhushana. Jagadhekamalla II himself was a merited scholar and wrote in Sanskrit Sangithachudamani a work on music.


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Preceded by
Someshvara III
Western Chalukya
Succeeded by
Tailapa III