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Jagakarsa is a subdistrict of South Jakarta, one of the administrative cities in Jakarta Indonesia. Jagakarsa is the southernmost subdistrict of South Jakarta (the southernmost subdistrict of Jakarta belongs to Ciracas Subdistrict in East Jakarta.) Jagakarsa contains the northern portion of the complex of University of Indonesia. Jagakarsa contains many kampong of the Betawi ethnic group, some of which are famous for their rebana ensemble. Jagakarsa Subdistrict is bounded by Ciliwung River to the east, Krukut River to the west, Margasatwa-Sagu-Joe-T.B.Simatupang-Poltangan Road to the north, Boundary marks with Depok to the south.

The Bogor-Kota line of Jakarta Commuter rail passed through Jagakarsa Subdistrict.

As one of the southernmost subdistrict of Jakarta, Jagakarsa has a relatively higher elevation (average 52-meter above sea level) and a cooler climate than the rest of Jakarta (average 25–27-degree Celsius). Jagakarsa has been allotted for water reservoir use, resulting in low footprint for buildings in Jagakarsa and high amount of green area.[1] Lake Babakan and Lake Mangga Bolong are the largest water reservoirs in Jagakarsa, also functioning as recreation areas. Lake Babakan is particularly known for its Betawi people, who used the edges of the lake for fish-farming.[2]

A form of Betawi culture flourished in Jagakarsa, such as Tanjidor, Tari Topeng, Wayang kulit, Gambus ensemble, and Gambang Kromong. Rebana Qasidah ensemble can be found in the Kelurahan of Jagakarsa, Lenteng Agung, and Tanjung Barat.

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)[edit]

The Subdistrict of Jagakarsa is divided into six kelurahan or administrative villages:

  • Tanjung Barat – area code 12530
  • Lenteng Agung – area code 12610
  • Jagakarsa – area code 12620
  • Ciganjur – area code 12630
  • Srengseng Sawah – area code 12640
  • Cipedak – area code 12630 (separated from Ciganjur Administrative Village)

Rail access[edit]

Rail access to the Jagakarsa subdistrict, are:

Railway line Railway station
Manggarai-Bogor railway (operating) Tanjung Barat
Lenteng Agung
Universitas Pancasila
Lenteng Agung-Ciganjur railway (defunct) Jagakarsa
Tanjung Barat-Jatiasih-Cibitung/Jonggol railway (defunct) Tanjung Barat Pasar
Tanjung Barat Jagalan
Tanjung Timur
Tebet-Serpong railway (planned) Jagakarsa
Tanah Baru

List of important places[edit]

Wisma Makara or Makara Lodge, is a student meeting facility building situated in Jagakarsa Subdistrict, in the Jakarta side of the complex of University of Indonesia.
  • Defunct Rawa Bambu Railway Station. closed in 1996 because of the construction of Jakarta Outer Ring Road section Pondok Pinang – TMII.
  • Lenteng Agung Railway Station
  • National Science and Technology Institute
  • Northern portion of University of Indonesia
  • Pancasila University
  • Situ Babakan or Lake Babakan
  • Situ Mangga Bolong or Mangga Bolong Lake
  • Tanjung Barat Tollgate
  • Tanjung Barat Railway Station
  • Tomb of Jagakarsa Prince. Tomb of the local Betawi heroes who defended the area during the 17th century English transitional period. The tomb is sacred for the Betawi people, where the wayang kulit of Betawi is performed during maulid.


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