Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer

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Jagat Shiromani Temple
Mehandipur Balaji deity
Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer is located in Rajasthan
Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer
Location in, Rajasthan
Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer is located in India
Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer
Jagat Shiromani Temple, Amer (India)
Geographic coordinates26°35′N 75°31′E / 26.59°N 75.51°E / 26.59; 75.51Coordinates: 26°35′N 75°31′E / 26.59°N 75.51°E / 26.59; 75.51
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Jagat Shiromani is a Hindu temple situated in Amer, India.[1] This temple is dedicated to the Hindu gods Meera bai, Krishna and Vishnu. It was constructed between 1599-1608 AD by Queen Kanakwati,[2] who was the wife of King Man Singh 1st. The temple was built in the memory of their son Jagat Singh.[1]


The temple is considered to be an important part of local history within Amer Town. The temple contains a statue of Krishna which has significance to the Hindu faith. According to religious doctrines the statue is the same statue that Meera Bai worshipped in the State of Mewar.[3]



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