Jagat Singh II

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Jagat Singh II
Maharana of Mewar
Maharana Jagat Singh II.jpg
Depiction of a young Jagat Singh II
Maharana of Mewar
PredecessorSangram Singh II
SuccessorPratap Singh II
Born(1709-09-17)17 September 1709
Died5 June 1751(1751-06-05) (aged 41)
IssuePratap Singh II
DynastySisodias of Mewar
FatherSangram Singh II

Jagat Singh II [1] (17 September 1709 – 5 June 1751), was the Maharana of Mewar Kingdom (r. 1734 – 1751). He succeeded his father Sangram Singh II.[2]

He spent the fortunes of his kingdom while trying to place his nephew, Madho Singh I on the throne of Jaipur, he was defeated at the Battle of Rajamahal and forced to pay heavy tributes to Jaipur. He was also unable to pay his mercenaries who ravaged his country.


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