Jagath Wickramasinghe

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Jagath Wickramasinghe
Jagath wickramasinghe.jpg
Born (1966-04-10) 10 April 1966 (age 53)
Kolonnawa, Sri Lanka
NationalitySri Lankan
Known forSinhala music
Spouse(s)Gayani Prasangika Kohona

Jagath Wickramasinghe (born 1966) is a Sri Lankan musician. His best-known songs are "Saagara Tharangaa," "Mage Nango," "Pemvantayin Se," and "Obe Sina Langa." He is one of the first three judges on Sirasa Superstar.[1]

Wickramasinghe pursued a career as an engineer, but later decided to become a musician like his parents. His career took off after his songs were played on stations owned by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.[1]

Wickramasinghe signed on as a judge on Sirasa Superstar in 2005 motivated by the chance to help musicians achieve success.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Jagath Wickramasinghe is a composer, singer, teacher, music producer, actor, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist.[citation needed]

L.K Jagath Wickramasinghe was born on 10 April 1966 in Kolonnawa, Sri Lanka to father of L.K Jinadasa Wickramasinghe and mother of Aryawathi Chandralatha Wickramasinghe. Both of his parents are music teachers and they were very much involved with lots of musical programs in Sri Lankan music culture. Therefore, he used to practice sing and play whatever his parents did during their rehearsals. It is during those days his potential of singing and playing instruments were discovered by his parents

In the year 2000, he got married with Gayani Prasangika Kohona and is father of one son and two daughters: Thidas Wickramasinghe, Sirini Suhansa wickramasinghe and Asini Ashcharya Wickramasinge.[2]

In 1972, he was studied at Ashoka Kanishta Vidyalaya, Maradana and after past the grade 5 scholarship, he attended Ananda College and studied there up to grade 10.Then he had to study at Anuradapura Central College as his parents had got an unexpected transfer to Anuradapura.The people and subcultural background of Anuradapura changed him a lot and opened his eyes to the reality of life. During this time period as a milestone of his life he used to love silence embarrassing rhythm of music.He was engineering oriented and studied mathematics for A/Ls. Later on he followed a civil engineering course and specialized in building construction.

Therefore, being perfect amateur, Jagath Wickramasinghe fulfilled his music knowledge following Sangeeth Visharad Part 2 and Diploma in music (vocal), Bathkande institute of music, Lucknow, India. As well, he did Prathama Examination Music (Instrumental) Thabla, at Bathkande institute of music. He was student of western music Trinity College of London.[clarification needed]

Professional life[edit]


During the first half of the 1990s he forwarded an application to the music section of SLBC. He got selected as music producer and he played instruments for programs and composed his own music. He made many contributions to new creations and got much experience as a young musician. Then he worked as a visiting lecture of university of visual & performing and was a lecture in oriental and western music, in the music department of the youth service council Sri Lanka.

From 1983 to 1985 he performed as a music consultant of Sarvodaya Organization and since 1982 to up to now he is performing as a teacher with having experience in music. Since 1991 up to now, he has been touring to around 40 countries performing there as a vocalist, instrumentalist and a director of music. As well, he takes special care to promote our music and culture in foreign countries.

In the mid 1990s he attached program on TV such as Prathiba, Ridma Tharanga, Shantha me ra yame, Thani Tharuwe, and Nishanthaya. As well, he composed music for films and teledramas such as Sthyadewi, Re Ru, Bhawakarma, Thunpath Rela, Bopath Ella, Isuru Tharanaya, Pahe Kttiya, Keetaya and Awasan Horaawa

In 1991, he involved himself in tele dramas as an actor. He attached Kande gedara, Doodaruwo, Devi, Shoba saha Darshana, Piya Satahan, Awasan Horawa, Soorya Sihinaya, Athugala pamula, Shapa nokaraw daruwane, and Sasala ruwa proving that he has art in his soul.

With his experience he held numerous shows both Sri Lanka and Abroad for local and foreign artists and he was assigned to direct the music for 40 Japanese children named Harajuku vocal orchestra. On the other hand, as a judge in Sirasa Super Star 2004, 2006, 2008, and Derana London Star 2008 – 2010, in Rupawahini Ranawiru Real Star 2011, in Thurunu Shakthi, Ceylonta, TNL Star, Rupawaahini Gee Muthu 2007 – 2012, ITN supiri Hapana 2013 he distributed his knowledge on behalf of next era. In edition as first music VCD ever in Sri Lanka Thani Tharuwa was issued by himself in 1998 presenting his music and songs issued on Cassettes and CDs.

Awards, honours and recognition[edit]

In 1990, he participated in an international singing competition and as a best singer of Sri Lanka he represented Abu Golden Kite World Song festival in Maleysia

In 1994, 1995, 1996 he was awarded by Srasavi film festival and he invited to perform opera called Siddartha at the annual Sai Baba Festival in India representing Sri Lanka as its music composer, arranger, singer and performer In 1995 he was awarded presidential award as a most popular pop music artist (western). In 1998 Sumathi Television award as a best young music director and best tele drama singer. In 2005 Bunka Award from Japan and 2005 Sri Lankan western music award as a best DUO Performance and best instrumentalist. As well he awarded at Raigam tele award as a best singer of 2008.


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