Jagati (temple)

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Architecture of Khajuraho temples with the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple built on a jagati
Symmetrical architecture on a jagati at Somanathapura

A Jagati is a raised surface, platform or terrace upon which some buddhist or hindu temples are built [1]

This feature is seen in isolated temples such as the temples of Khajuraho.[2] It is usually not seen in temples enclosed by walls.

The jagati lies on a base called Adhiṣṭhāna which adds to its height.[3] The sides of the adhishthana are often ornated with sculptures.

The jagati also allows for circumambulation, i.e. the walking of devotees around the shrine. In some large temples, this circumambulation is also possible inside the temple along a wall around the shrine named Pradakshina


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