Jagdeo, Pakistan

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Jagday is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 31°04′N 72°30′E / 31.07°N 72.50°E / 31.07; 72.50
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Elevation 168 m (551 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0413

Jagdeo, or Jagday, is a village in Samundri Tehsil in Faisalabad District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It has an altitude of 168 metres (551 ft). It is the most influential village of the union council, no.113 of Tehsil Sammundri. It has a population of over eight thousand.


The village was originally named Jagdeo in British Raj, after a Sikh called Jagdeo Singh. Over time, the name was modified to Jagday. According to the system of numbering the villages of Punjab on the basis of the Canal System of Punjab, Jagday was numbered as 41 G.B. as it lies along Gogera Branch Canal.


Agriculture is the main economic force and source of income for the people of Jagday, but with passing time more and more people are opting for other professional fields and businesses. The basic cause of not sending the children to schools is poverty and ignorance of the value of educating their children, but the trend is changing. Most people of Jagday belong to the Kamboh caste, with a few other castes, such as Arain, Rehmani, Rajput, gujjar, malik, ansari, mochi, lohar, and Qureshi, present in small numbers. The Arain are the most educated and,there are only two three persons.


The education rate in Jagday is poor, mainly due to poverty, child labor, and a lack of quality institutions. It has a boys' primary school and a girls' primary model school, which fail to fulfill the educational needs of the people. Therefore, most of the student go to the nearby government schools. Boys' and girls' high schools in 45 GB. [clarification needed] Some local private schools are competing with the government schools, but they too lack quality teachers. Anyone who wants to study further after the SSC. examination has to take admissions in the colleges of Gojra, Samundri, or Faisalabad. Very few actually get the chance to go to superior universities and get higher education. The Arain are far ahead in this regard, as most of their caste members are highly educated only two families of the caste ibdi are in the village. The youngest ever advocate supreme court of Pakistan in the whole of Pakistan, Ch.Imtiaz Ahmad Kamboh ASC belongs to this village.

Markets and shops[edit]

Jagday has the biggest vegetable Market among nearby villages, where vegetables arrive fresh from the fields. A vegetable auction is held each afternoon, and then vegetables are transported to Faisalabad for sale in wholesale vegetable markets. Ghaffar Sweet Shop and Poond Shop along with Asgher & Janu Sweet Shop provide people with local sweets. Kariana Stores (the local name for general stores) are prevalent throughout the village to provide the basic necessities of life to the people. The Ghaffar/Poond store, Rehman Karian and journlestore, Rasalat jurra chorri house, Asma beauty parlour, Mooda store and Mehr Mukhtar store are a few of them. A few meat shops are also present. It is also an industrial village. There are so many power looms weaving factory and electric khadian in the village and the products such as khais, darian, and grey cloth is famous of jagday.


Coordinates: 31°7′0″N 72°50′0″E / 31.11667°N 72.83333°E / 31.11667; 72.83333