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This article is for the Indigenous Australian group. For the genus of tree, see Jagera (plant).

The Jagera is a tribe of Australian Aboriginal people which inhabited the region southwest of the city of Brisbane including Ipswich) before European settlement of Australia.[1] It is alternatively known as Yagara, Yuggera or Jagara. Much of its claimed land overlaps with that of the neighbouring Turrbal tribe.[2] Former senator Neville Bonner was a tribal elder of the Jagera.

The three tribes were members of the Jagara Language Group that stretched from Moreton Bay to the Bremer River and Lockyer Creek. The Noonucal were in the Pulan (Amity Pt) area, the Gorenpul were in the Moongalba (Dunwich) area and the Koobenpul lived on the mainland coastal strip stretching from Talwarrapin (Redland Bay) to the mouth of the Maiwah (Brisbane River).[3]

The Australian English word 'Yakka' (loosely meaning Work, as in 'Hard Yakka') came from this tribe.