Jaghatu District

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Jaghatu is a district in Wardak province, Afghanistan, 20 km northwest of Ghazni. According to 2005 data, the population is more than 90,000, whom are Pashtun people. The district center is Ghazi Muhammad Jan Khan Bazaar which is created during the Taliban regime.

Agriculture is the main source of income, the famous apple of the Afghanistan is from this district, but in the whole province drought is becoming the most serious problem. Health and education services are weak but still the most of the people of this area tried to have schools for children by their own effort. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Afghanistan. The people of this district are very generous and are known for their hospitality towards guests.

Jaghatu district has some historical places like Barghalee which was the capital of Haptaly empire before Islam.

Sultan Dam is located in Jaghatu district although only two villages in the district benefit from the water, the rest of the water going to Khaja Omary district and Ghazni province. Its mentionable that by the same name Jaghatu district also located in Ghazni province and mostly resident are (Hazara people) and some Pashtun people as well.