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Djahangir Almasi (Persian: جهانگیر الماسی‎‎, born in 1955 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian actor.

He has played different roles in his career, but he’s known mainly as an actor who plays serious and intellectual roles. He started his career with Stemming from Blood (1984) and has also directed a short film.

Among with Mohamad Reza Sharifinia and Ahmad Najafi, Almasi is one of the few Iranian actors who is known for supporting Iranian presidential minor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

As a result, he lost his populity after Iranian presidential election in 2009.

Selected Filmography[edit]

  • Stemming from Blood, 1983
  • Monster, 1985
  • Spectre of the Scorpion, 1986
  • Nar & Ney, 1988
  • Portrait of Love, 1990
  • The Fall
  • End of Childhood, 1993
  • Banichaw
  • The Poor Lover, 1995
  • Sohrab, 1999

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