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The Jahangiris (1190-1520), a Tajik dynasty, were the original Sultans of Swat. They ruled in parts of modern Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A dynasty of Sultans who, according to Raverty, once ruled from Nangrahar to the Jhelum but, by the time the Kheshi Pathans overran Swat, their sway did not extend far beyond the Indus on the east. They claim descent from Alexander the Great.

The Jahangiri also appears to survive as a sept of the Gibari. They Are descendant by Sultan Mir Uwais The Last Sultan Of Swat. When Babur invaded Bajaur in 1518, the defender was a Jahangirian Sultan. They Were The Most Dominant Ruler Of That time Scenery from a restaurant near Mingora, Swat Valley. At the end of the Mauryan period (324-185 BC) Buddhism spread in the whole Swat valley, which became a very famous center of Buddhist religion.

After a Buddhist phase the Hindu religion reasserted itself, so that at the time of the Muslim invasions (AD1000) the population was solidly Hindu.

In 1023 Mahmud of Ghazni attacked Swat and crushed the last Buddhist King, Raja Gira in battle. The invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni is of special importance because of the introduction of Islam as well as changing the Chronology.

These invasions caused no break in local traditions: in the place–names given in the early Greek sources may be recognized the names of major villages of modern Swat. Conversion to Islam was thus something imposed by a small group of warrior lords, with the bulk of the population maintaining its secular Indian traditions. The main body of the modern agricultural tenants in Swat, who are without ancestry(?), are probably descended from this formerly Hindu population.

The first Muslim masters of Swat were non–Pathan Dilzak tribes from south-east Afghanistan. These were later ousted by Swati Pathans, who were succeeded in the sixteenth century by Yisufzai Pathans. Both groups of Pathans came from the Kabul Valley.

Later, when the King of Kabul Mirza Ulugh Beg attempted to assassinate the dominant chiefs of the Yousafzais they took refuge under the umbrella of the Swati Kings of Swat and Bajour. The whole area was dominated by the Swati/Jahangiri Sultans of Swat for centuries. According to H. G. Raverty, the Jahangiri Kings of Swat had ruled from Jalalabad to Jhelum. After more than two decades of guerrilla warfare, they were dispossessed by the Yousafzais. The majority of the aboriginal inhabitants of Swat migrated[citation needed] to the Hazara region to the east, where Swatis predominate with their surname Swati, reflecting their link to the region.