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Jahmal Williams is a regular-footed professional skateboarder, skate company owner, and artist from Boston, Massachusetts.[1][2][3]

Early life & education[edit]

Williams was raised by his mother in Boston, Massachusetts with four other siblings.[4] As a young kid in the early-to-mid 1980s, Williams was into breakdancing and graffiti writing.[1] In an effort to stay out of trouble, Williams got into freestyle BMX biking.[1] He brought his bike to the local skatepark and had it stolen.[1] This lead Williams to buy a skateboard in the summer of 1988.[4] His mother bought him a Thrasher magazine issue with Tony Alva on the cover, further encouraging his interest in skating.[3]

In 1998, Williams received a scholarship to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.[5] There he studied drawing, sculpture, and painting for four years.[5]


Williams first sponsor was Beacon Hill Skateshop.[6] T.V. skateboards came to Whitmen, Massachusetts on a tour. Williams befriended the team and ended up going on tour with them.[6] T.V. team was Mike Vallely, Ed Templeton, Steve Berra, Ethan Fowler, Jerry Fowler, and Williams.[6] Williams went pro for T.V.[7]

After T.V. folded Williams joined Ed Templeton's new company, Toy Machine.[8][6] After riding for Toy Machine for a number of years, Mike Vallely connected Williams to Powell.[4] Williams rode for Powell for a number of years until he parted ways with the company.[1]

Skate Video Parts & Appearances[9] Year
The Fat Juicy Video 1991
3D Innovations 1991
Toy Machine Live! 1994
Eastern Exposure 1996
adidas Commercial 1998
INFMS 2000
DNA Continuum 2002
Static 3 2007
Hopps Commercial 1 2009
MIA Skate Shop Welcome to MIA 2010
Ride Channel Skate New York with Hopps 2012
Orchard Stone Soup 2014
Static 4 2014
Hopps The “Saturday” Project 2016
Welcome to Dial Tone MFG 2018
The Converse CONS X Hopps Collection 2018

Hopps Skateboards[edit]

In 2007, Williams founded Hopps Skateboards.[4]


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