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Jai Baba
Jai baba.jpg
Compilation album by Pete Townshend
Released 2001 (United Kingdom)
Genre rock
Label Eel Pie
Pete Townshend chronology
Live: The Fillmore
Jai Baba
O' Parvardigar

Jai Baba is an expression used by followers of Meher Baba and means "Praise Baba." It is used as a greeting, as a salutation, as an outward expression of appreciation of Meher Baba's life and qualities, or simply as "hello" or goodbye" between followers of Baba. The expression is considered to have its roots in the expression Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai, first dictated by Meher Baba on his alphabet board in Mahewa, Hamirpur in 1954.[1] The event is considered by Baba's followers to signify his first major public announcement of his avatarhood.[2]

Jai Baba Music CD[edit]

Jai Baba is also the name of a 2001 limited edition compilation CD-set dedicated to Meher Baba featuring Who song writer Pete Townshend among others. The two-CD set contains all the music from three Meher Baba tribute albums featuring Townshend in the early 1970s, Happy Birthday, I Am, and With Love. In addition it includes a version of Parvardigar recorded live in India at Meher Baba's third Amartithi in 1972. Other performers are Ronnie Lane, Billy Nicholls, Allan Cohen, Ron Geesin and Peter Hope-Evans (of Medicine Head).[3]

Track listing[edit]


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