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Jai Malhar "जय मल्हार"
GenreMythological Drama, Spiritual Drama
Created byZee Marathi
Written bySantosh Ayachit, Ashutosh Parandkar
Directed byKartik Kendhe Avinash Waghmare
Theme music composerPankaj Padghan Background music =A V Prafullachandra
Opening themeYelkot Malhar
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Marathi
No. of seasons1
Producer(s)Kothare Vision
Production location(s)Mumbai
Original networkZee Marathi
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Original release18 May 2014 –
30 April 2017
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Jai Malhar (जय मल्हार) is Marathi mythological TV series being aired on Indian TV channel Zee Marathi. It is based on the legend of Lord Khandoba, an avatar of Lord Shiva.[1] It also airs in dubbed language of Tamil on Zee Tamil and in Hindi language as Jay Jay Malhar.It is first Marathi show to be dubbed in Non-Indian language it is dubbed in Thai language of Thailand as Jay Martand on Zee Bing.


This series is based on Lord Martanda Bhairava aka Khandoba , a reincarnation of Lord Shiva. The show is about Khandoba's courage, magnanimity and prowess. He is also fondly known as Malhar and worshiped across Maharashtra & beyond as the family deity of many. His devotees express their devotion by chanting aloud "Yelkot Yelkot Jai Malhar". The foremost centre of Khandoba worship is Jejuri in Maharashtra & is thronged by lakhs every year who visit to worship the Lord. Khandoba has been portrayed as a God of love, a Superpower and the symbol of excellence. He is portrayed as a super hero for the young generation.


Khandoba is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is the slayer of demons Mani and Malla. He protects his devotees from any obstacles. He predominantly resides in Jejuri. Besides, many other shrines are dedicated to him.

  • Gauri Sukhtankar as Goddess Parvati Devi (parallel lead)

Goddess Parvati is the consort of Lord Shiva and daughter of King Himavan. She is who gave promise to Jayadri to be Lord Shiva's wife as Banai. She is only Mhalsa as Lord Shiva said that due to her decision regarding Jayadri , as Mhalsa she will forget Jayadri. She often comes forth before Mhalsa and convinces Mhalsa about doing many things.

  • Bageshree Nimbalkar as Goddess Ganga Devi (parallel lead)

Ganga Devi is personification of river Ganga . She is sister of Goddess Parvati , elder to her. She also loves Lord Shiva. Parvati Devi doesn't like this. She is also related to Goddess Banai .

Goddess Mhalasa is from Nevasa. Daughter of Timmasheth Vani (merchant) and Mayananda. She married Lord Khandoba and came to Jejuri. She is wife of Lord Khandoba, a loving housewife who takes ferocious form to slay demons and is the queen of Jejuri. She is the incarnation of Goddess Parvati whose appearance is of Goddess Mohini, a form of Lord Vishnu.

Goddess Banai also known as Banubai, is from Dhangarpada of Chandanpuri. Her biological parents are actually God Indra (king of deities) and Goddess Shachi, but she was raised by Ajamel, a Dhangar man. She is devoted to Lord Khandoba and is his wife.

Jayadri is the daughter of Lord Indra and Goddess Shachi, who later reborn as Banai due to curse put upon her by Lord Indra.

Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati . He in Kailas was the witness of the promise given by Devi Parvati to Jayadri. He comes to Jejuri and often convinces Mhalsa Devi and Banai about many things and clears their various doubts about their original forms. He removes obstacles of path of many people. Mhalsa Devi , in this incarnation tooshares a loving motherly relationship with him. He often makes Mhalsa Devi forget her anger by amusing her. Mhalsa Devi Quickly becomes cheerful in his presence. He is cheerful , sometimes naughty but also caring and loving towards his devotees.

  • Nakul Ghanekar as Hegadi Pradhan and Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu served as Prime Minister in the form of Hegadi Pradhan for Lord Khandoba in the battle against the demons Mani and Malla. He is intelligent and aware of etiquette. He helps Lord Khandoba in making of plans and figuring them out.

  • Purva Neelima Subhash as Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu who supports Lord Khandoba and Lord Vishnu (as Hegadi Pradhan) in their tasks. She is the daughter of Samudra Dev , the sea God . She is a loving and caring woman and loves her husband , Lord Vishnu very much. She often convinces and advises Mhalsa Devi about many things.

  • Anirudhha Vinayak Joshi as Sage Narada.

Narada is a Vedic sage who is the messenger of Gods and deities. He is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and helps Lord Khandoba and Lord Vishnu in their tasks. He trains Banai to get wedded to Lord Khandoba . He sometimes unknowingly creates conflicts and also spices up some news.

Indra dev is the king of gods and father of Banai. He only cursed jayadri and send her to Chandanpuri as a baby , where She was grown up as a Dhangar and named as Banai, he also tried to stop marriage of Lord Khandoba and Banai , but later he supports Banai as she is his daughter. He also had opened the secret to Banai that Hegadi Pradhan and Lakshmi Devi were actually Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi Devi .

  • Prashant Choudappa as Choudappa.
  • Akshay Milind Dandekar as Nandi

Nandi is known as Vahana (mount) of Lord Shiva. Since Khandoba is a reincarnation on Lord Shiva Nandi is seen prominently in the story of Jai Malhar as Nandi,Nandeshrav and Nandeshwar. He usually is a link between Khandoba and Mhalasa and Banu. He is the eyewitness of every activity of Shiva and Paravati in Kailasa. He knows about the past life of Mhalasadevi and Banai but he is not supposed to open up about it.

  • Siddhesh Prabhakar as Lord Surya.

Lord Surya is the solar deity. Mhalsa Devi worships him and everyday offers him an Arghya and asks him many questions. Lord Khandoba's name is Martanda Bhairava , in which Martanda means Sun . So Mhalsa Devi's Sun god worship can be traced here.

  • Arti More as Latika.

Latika is the childhood friend of Goddess Mhalsa and helps Goddess Mhalsa in her tasks. She often hears confidential conversations and conveys it to Mhalsa Devi which creates conflicts.

  • Priyanka Waman as Manji.

Manji is a very close childhood friend of Goddess Banai. Goddess Banai shares her every problems with Manji in order to figure it out.

  • Mahesh Phalke as Ranga.

Ranga is a cowherd resident in Chandanpuri and a friend of Goddess Banai.

  • Anjali Valsangkar as Shevanti.

Shevanti is the mother of Ranga.

  • Sonam Mhasvekar as Gangi

Gangi is the wife of Ranga , she often dominates Ranga .

  • Vicky Mokal as Ganya

Dubbed Versions[edit]

This series has gained popularity among the followers of Lord Khandoba. The costumes and jewellery used in this series have set a trend in fashion in some cities across Maharashtra. It's Tamil dubbed version, Veera Marthandan is aired on Zee Tamil The title montage has been particularly popular. The effort taken by lead actors has been appreciated. It was happened first time on Zee & other Networks that Serial version are in Non-Indian Launguage and Also dubbed in Thai Launguage aired Zee Bing as Jai Marthandan and popular Indian show in Thailand,Singapore & Malaysia.


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