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Jaime "El Flaco" Agudelo Vidal
Born (1926-11-10)November 10, 1926
Palmira, Colombia
Died December 21, 2009(2009-12-21) (aged 83)
Cali, Colombia
Cause of death Respiratory failure after fall
Occupation Comedian, actor

Jaime "El Flaco" Agudelo (November 10, 1925 – December 21, 2009) was a Colombian comedian and actor.


Born in Palmira, Jaime Agudelo Vidal studied systems engineering at first. He was able to develop his career as a comedian while working as a lathe operator in his home town.[1]

In 1961 he traveled to Bogotá where he met Fernando González Pacheco, who helped him to make a name for himself while performing on the TV show, Operación Ja ja. Agudelo later worked for Campeones de la Risa in 1966 for two years.[2]

He was one of the earliest cast members for Colombia's most famous comedy show in local TV history: Sábados Felices, which is still running after 39 years. Agudelo worked there ever since until his death. His most remembered performance was portraying a child called "Jaimito".[citation needed] The comedian never sought to retire from the program, not even asking for leave because of health issues (with the exceptions being the instances of two heart attacks).[citation needed]

Canal Caracol, the show's broadcaster, paid Agudelo a respectful tribute in October 2008.[3] Augdelo died at Cali in 2009.


  • Premio Antena as "Best comedian". (1975)[4]


Year Film
1980 One Hundred Years of Infidelity (Cien años de Infidelidad)[5]


On December 19, 2009, Agudelo fell on his way to his home in Palmira, sustaining major hip injuries which caused a femur fracture.[6] He was admitted to Rafael Uribe Uribe Hospital in Cali, where he died two days later, on Monday, December 21, due to respiratory failure, aged 83.[7]


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