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Jaime Reyes
Personal information
BornOahu, Hawaii, U.S.
ResidenceNew York City
Country United States

Jaime Reyes is a goofy-footed American skateboarder.[1]


Early life[edit]

Growing up in Hawaii in the early 1990s, Reyes was an avid surfer.[1] At age 13, Reyes cut class one day to go to the beach to surf; however, there were no waves, so Reyes wandered around and ran into a group of skateboarders.[1] Amazed by the skateboarding, Reyes befriended the skaters.[1] She rode a skateboard for the first time that day.[1]

Skateboarding career[edit]

Reyes' first competition was hosted by the Real skateboard team at A'Ala Park.[1] Reyes, the only girl at the event, won first place for her age group.[1] After the event, Real began flowing Reyes boards.[2] During her early competitive career, Reyes was often one of few women competing alongside Elissa Steamer and Lauren Mollica.[2]

Reyes got the cover of Thrasher in April 1994.[1] In the years that came, Reyes obtained many nationwide sponsorship deals throughout her career including Real Skateboards, Alphanumeric, Rookie, Evian Water, Bones Swiss Bearings, Supreme, In4mation, Globe and Venture.[3]

In 2019, Reyes released a signature deck with the skate company Together Together.[4] The “chosen ohana” model features artwork by Mark Oblow.[4]

Thrasher magazine cover[edit]

Jaime Reyes graced the cover of the April 1994 issue of Thrasher magazine.[5] She is currently one of only three women, alongside Cara-Beth Burnsideand Lizzie Armanto, with a “Thrasher” cover and the only one pictured skating street.[2] The cover was her first time being publish in a skate magazine.[2] Jim Thiebaud, Tommy Guerrero, and Ruben Orkin set her up with a photographer. Reyes cut class to shot with the photographer. Two months later, the photo was published on the cover of Thrasher.[2] A copy of her cover is in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History collection.[1][6]

Skate Video Parts[edit]

Skate Video Parts Year
Non-Fiction - Real skateboards[7] 1997
Heads - Zoo York 1999
Unbreakable - Zoo York 2002
Vicious Cycle - Zoo York - R.B. Umali and Doug Brown 2005


Reyes works with Max Pfannebecker and Triangle Skateboard Alliance teaching young children how to skateboard. Reyes has been a visiting professional at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania.[2]


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