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Jaime Vendera is an author, television personality and voice strengthening coach.

While filming an episode of MythBusters, Vendera shattered a wine glass using only his unaided voice. According to co-host Adam Savage this is the first time such an event was recorded on camera.[1] Vendera said the show's producers contacted him after a fellow singer and Vendera's vocal teacher, Jim Gillette from the 1980s band Nitro, could not do the show. He first performed with the MythBusters on Good Morning America, shattering a wine glass with the aid of an amplifier when his opponent could not shatter the glass.


During the filming of MythBusters, Vendera's voice was measured at 117 dB at 48 meters, as recorded by Dr. Roger Schwenke of Meyer Sound Laboratories. That is equivalent to 120 dB at one meter.

Since his MythBusters appearances, Vendera has performed on other US shows such as "I've Got a Secret", "Timewarp", the "Sonic1 Toothbrush" infomercial, "Dr. Oz", and "Guinness World Records Gone Wild". He has also performed on shows in France, Germany, Japan, and China.


Besides writing his own books, he also publishes other music related books by authors such as Elizabeth Sabine, James Lugo, Valerie Bastien, David Katz, Anne Loader McGee.

Jaimie also teaches voice through the Vendera Vocal Academy. Some of his clients include singers James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Terry Ilous (XYZ, Great White), Matt Devine (Kill Hannah), Clayton Stroope (Thriving Ivory), Ben Thomas (Dweezil Zappa), Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World, Machina), Lizzy Devine (former Vains of Jenna singers), Bob Harris (Steve Vai, Zappa), Chris Richardson, Kevin Rudolf and Dustin Bates (Starset).


  • Raise Your Voice
  • The Ultimate Breathing Workout
  • The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary
  • Unleash Your Creative Mindset
  • 11 Simple Steps to Writing, Designing, Self-Publishing & Marketing Your First Book
  • Voice RX
  • Vocal Reset
  • The Air Water Diet
  • Online Teaching Secrets Revealed
  • Sing Out Loud Books 1-4
  • Raise Your Voice 2:The Advanced Manual
  • Reclaim Your Voice
  • What's Missing
  • Extreme Scream series-MP3 lessons
  • Beyond the Voice video training series

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