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Jaimie P. Cloud
Occupation Nonprofit administration

Jaimie P. Cloud is an American sustainability educator and advocate in New York City, New York. Cloud has been recognized for her contributions to the fields of sustainability education and school reform.[1] She is the founder and president of the nonprofit Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education,[2] which used to be the Sustainability Education Center at the American Forum for Global Education.[3]


Cloud is from the Midwestern United States, and taught global studies curriculum in New York City public schools before founding the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education.[4] "Cloud teaches extensively, and writes and facilitates the collaborative development of numerous instructional units and programs that are designed to teach core courses across the disciplines through the lens of sustainability and to inspire young people to think about the world, their relationship to it, and their ability to influence it in an entirely new way."[5][6]


Cloud is the chair of Communities for Learning, Inc. and co-chair of the Harbor education task force of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. She is a member of the advisory committee of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, the international advisory committee for the Tbilisi+30 Conference, the planning committee for Education for Sustainability of the North American Association for Environmental Education, and the Sustainability Education Planning Committee for the National Association of Independent Schools. Cloud serves on the Ecozone advisory board of Eco Media, Inc., and the editorial board of the International Journal of Education for Sustainable Development.[7]


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