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Location of Jianzha (red) in Huangnan (yellow)

Jainzha County or Chentsa County (Tibetan: གཅན་ཚ།: Wylie: gcan tsha; Chinese: 尖扎县, pinyin: Jiānzhā Xiàn) is a county in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, China, to Tibetans in the area known as Malho Prefecture, part of Amdo. There are 6 townships, 3 towns and a total of 79 administrative villages in Chentsa county. The county has an area of 1714 square kilometres and a population of ~50,000 (2001), 67% Tibetan. The county seat is the town of Markhu Thang (Tibetan: མར་ཁུ་ཐང་།, Wylie: mar khu thang; Chinese: 马克堂, pinyin: Maketang).

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Coordinates: 35°52′N 101°51′E / 35.867°N 101.850°E / 35.867; 101.850