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Jairamnagar is a village and a railway station at a distance of about 14 km from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. It is one of the villages of Masturi tehsil of Bilaspur District. It is located at distance of 4.9 km from Masturi. It was known as Paragaht before 1939.[1][2]

It is a small railway station and village. The station code is JMRG. The station was named Jairamnagar after Rai Bahadur Jairam Valji Chauhan, a noted Kutchi railway contractor on 1 September 1939 by Bengal Nagpur Railway authorities being the only Railway Station in the whole of India to have been named after an individual businessman.[1][2] He at one time used to be sole proprietor of Jairamnagar village land and also used to own mines of dolomite, manganese and limestone.[3][4][5]

The village has a huge and deep pond, which was once a limestone quarry belonging to Rai Bahadur Jairam Valji. People of Jairamnagar use its water for their needs. Beside the pond there is a beautiful Shiva temple built in 1922 by Jairam Valji Chauhan.


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Coordinates: 22°02′02″N 82°17′46″E / 22.034°N 82.296°E / 22.034; 82.296