Jaish al-Haramoun

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Jaish al-Haramoun
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Logo of Jaish al-Haramoun
Logo of Jaish al-Haramoun
Active15 June 2015[1]- September 2015
Group(s)Ahrar ash-Sham
Liwa Fursan al-Sunna
Christ Brigade
Liwa Jabal al-Sheikh
Liwa Osama bin Zaid
Liwa Omar Ibn al-Khattab
Liwa Sayad al-Usud
Sword of al-Sham Brigades
Harakat Shuhada al-Sham
Al-Nusra Front
Area of operationsQuneitra, Syria
Rif Dimashq, Syria[2]
AlliesArmy of Conquest
Opponent(s)Syrian Armed Forces Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
Battles and war(s)Syrian Civil War

Jaish al-Haramoun was an operations room of Syrian rebel factions that operated in eastern Quneitra and Rif Dimashq governorates of Syria.[2]

After the loss at the Battle of Zabadani (2015) the operations rooms became largely defunct.


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