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Jaiswal is a surname used by a Hindu community (predominantly in India) which has many branches.[1] There have been conflicts about its caste status even within its own community. Some Jaiswals call themselves Brahmins, of which only a few still practice, some are Rajputs and some are Vaishyas. However, history suggests that Jaiswals are the descendant of Kulin Aryans who initially practiced Brahminical works and then switched to warrior jobs. They ruled many parts of India for about 1200 years. Central government and many state governments recognize the caste as Kalchuri Kalwars, which is a Rajput dynasty of India. Nowadays, Jaiswals are mostly traders and deal in various commodities. Their main fields are currently in two sectors, business and politics. They also have a presence in many private and government sectors.

Social status[edit]

Jaiswals are regarded as high caste members in the Indian caste hierarchy. However, their involvement in liquor trade, which they monopolized across the country had some negative perception amongst the public at the start of the 20th Century. To cure this problem, the caste organisation sought to leave the trade and redefine the community. They assembled in Allahabad in 1921, and elderly members told the community to leave the trade. They were told to adopt the titles of Somvanshiya Khastriya. They were instructed to use surnames such as Kunwar and Thakur. Surnames such as Dhwaja, Thakur and Singh were also recommended.

Notable people[edit]

  • Rajani Rai ( Former Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry)


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