Jaja Uma Grooming Up!

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Jaja Uma Grooming Up!
Cover of volume 1 of Jaja Uma Grooming Up!
(Jaja Uma Gurūmin★UP!)
Genre Drama
Written by Masami Yuki
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday
Original run 19942000
Volumes 26
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Jaja Uma Grooming Up! (じゃじゃ馬グルーミン★UP!?, Jaja Uma Gurūmin★UP!) is a manga series by Masami Yuki. It depicts the story of Shunpei Kuze, a high-school student unsure of the future until he takes a motorcycle ride to Hokkaidō.

When his motorbike runs out of fuel, Shunpei is stranded on a country road; to make matters worse, he loses his wallet. He is found and taken in by the daughter of a local rancher named Hibiki Watarai. Shunpei begins a new life on the Watarai horse-breeding ranch, learning about the horses and the ranch's lively family and workers.

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