Jak Airport

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Jak Airport
Birth name Jack Stafford
Born c. 1955
Catford, London
Died 13 August 2004[1]
Genres New wave, glam rock, punk rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1970s–1980s
Associated acts Puncture, X-Ray Spex, Airport And Dean, Classix Nouveaux

Jak Airport (born Jack Stafford; c. 1955 – August 13, 2004)[1][2] was the guitarist of 1970s punk band X-Ray Spex and new wave band Classix Nouveaux,[1] before retiring from music and working for Vision Video and the BBC.

Born and raised in Catford, London,[2][3] Jak Airport is best known and remembered for being member of punk rock band X-Ray Spex, contributing with songs like "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" and "The Day The World Turned Day-Glo". The beginning riff of the latter song was considered a classic by the band's singer Poly Styrene.[3] He joined the band after leaving another punk group called Puncture.[4] When X-Ray Spex disbanded in 1979, he and the group's bassist Paul Dean formed Airport And Dean.

In 1979, he and fellow X-Ray Spex member, drummer BP Hurding formed, alongside singer Sal Solo, the New Wave band Classix Nouveaux, but he had left the band by the end of the year.

He retired from the music industry then worked at VVL London and also in the BBC's corporate and public relations department.[2]

Jack Stafford died of cancer on August 13, 2004.[1] It is believed he was in his late forties at the time of his death.[2]


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