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Jakab Szabár Slovene: Jakob Sabar (Horvátzsidány, around 15 July 1802 or 1803 – Črenšovci, 14 December 1863) was a writer and Roman Catholic priest. Szabár was a Hungarian Croat who wrote in Prekmurian and Hungarian.

He was born in Vas, near Kőszeg. His parents were József Szabár and Ilonka Csárics. Szabár went to school in Szombathely and Kőszeg. He was ordained in 1826 and was Ferenc Bernyák's chaplain in Cankova for one year, then relocated by the bishopric to Turnišče. From 1833 to 1835, Szabár was a priest in Kančevci, and for 21 years in Grad.

Szabár mainly wrote religious works and supported Magyarization. His work Station of the Holy Cross in prekmurian language.

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