Jakarta Bay

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Jakarta Bay
Johannes Rach jakarta bay.jpg
Jakarta Bay in the 18th century.
Jakarta Bay is located in Java
Jakarta Bay
Jakarta Bay
LocationSoutheast Asia
Coordinates6°00′00″S 106°51′32.40″E / 6.00000°S 106.8590000°E / -6.00000; 106.8590000Coordinates: 6°00′00″S 106°51′32.40″E / 6.00000°S 106.8590000°E / -6.00000; 106.8590000
Native nameIndonesian: Teluk Jakarta
Basin countries Indonesia
ReferencesJakarta Bay

Jakarta Bay (Indonesian: Teluk Jakarta) is a bay north of North Jakarta city. The Thousand Islands are located in Jakarta Bay. 13 rivers flow into the bay. The majority of the bay's coastal communities consist of people living below the poverty line, in conditions of poor sanitation. Nutrient inputs from agricultural runoff, industrial pollution, and wastewater have led to eutrophication, which in turn led to changes in the area's biodiversity.[1][2] Harmful algal blooms have been observed.[3]


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