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JIExpo Kemayoran main building
Jakarta Fair exhibitions and performances

Jakarta Fair (Indonesian: Pekan Raya Jakarta or PRJ) is a fair held annually in Jakarta International Expo (JIE) Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia, in June and July. It features exhibitions, trade promotions, shopping, music performances, various shows, amusement rides and a food festival. The fair is meant to celebrate the anniversary of Jakarta. The Jakarta Fair sees exhibitors from across the country display a whole range of goods and products ranging from specialty food items to traditional handmade arts and crafts. In addition to the many exhibitors, there is also live entertainment including music, dance and cultural performances.[1]


The fair incorporates trade exhibitions and entertainment that existed in Batavia (now Jakarta) during Dutch East Indies era. Originally the annual fair took place in Koningsplein (now Merdeka square) in Weltevreden Batavia and it was called "Pasar Gambir". After Indonesian independence the modern Jakarta Fair was held again for the first time in 1968 and inaugurated by president Suharto. The fair took place from 5 June to 20 July 1968 on southern part of Merdeka square near National Monument. The idea to hold a grand fair in Jakarta was initiated by Jakarta's governor Ali Sadikin in 1967, inspired by the colonial era Pasar Gambir. He sought a centralized grand fair to combine several night markets ("Pasar Malam") held throughout the city. Since then it has become an annual event as part of the city's anniversary celebrations. The longest Jakarta Fair, of 71 days, was held in 1969. Usually Jakarta Fair is held for 30 to 35 days. USA president Richard Nixon is one of the VIP guest that visit Jakarta Fair 1969.

Because the number of participants grown steadily the fairground in the southern park of Medan Merdeka square was considered not large enough to contain the grand fair. In 1992 the Jakarta fairground was moved to its present location in Jakarta International Expo at Kemayoran. The exhibition complex is located on former Kemayoran Airport.

In 2010 trade worth Rp 3.5 trillion ($410 million) occurred in Jakarta Fair. The 2011 ticket price is Rp 15,000 ($1.8) on weekdays and Rp 20,000 ($2.4) on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.[2] 2,600 companies joined the 2011 Jakarta Fair in more than 1,300 stalls. The event attracted more than 4 million visitors with transaction worth Rp 3.7 trillion ($432.9 million) and surpassed the target.[3]

A similar fair called Pasar Malam Besar held in The Hague, Netherlands, also inspired by the "Pasar Malam" tradition of colonial era Pasar Gambir.

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