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Jake Hanrahan
OccupationJournalist, filmmaker
EmployerVICE News, HBO, ProPublica

Jake Hanrahan (born 23 January, 1990) is a British journalist, podcaster and documentary filmmaker.

Hanrahan reports on war and conflict, focusing on militia forces, paramilitaries and guerrilla warfare. He is best known for his work covering the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), a Kurdish militant group, in southeast Turkey. He was arrested in September 2015 in Turkey with his colleagues Philip Pendlebury and Mohammed Rasool, after the three embedded with the PKK's youth wing, the YDG-H, who were actively fighting the Turkish Armed Forces. Hanrahan spent two weeks in several maximum security prisons in Turkey, including Diyarbakır Prison and Adana F-type prison, before being deported back to the UK.[1][2] Hanrahan called on Turkey to release translator Mohammed Rasool, who remained in detention after Hanrahan's release for over 100 days.[3]

Hanrahan has also reported on the Ukraine war, embedding with both the Ukrainian Ground Forces[4] and the separatist forces in the Donbass.[5] He has also covered wars in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine, as well as various riots across Europe.[6]

Hanrahan runs a grassroots independent media platform called Popular Front,[7] which consists of a podcast, documentaries and a magazine.

Hanrahan has also worked as a reporter and a producer on VICE News and HBO documentaries.[6][8]

Hanrahan’s investigative reporting has won a duPont journalism award.[9]

In 2020, Hanrahan started the podcast "Q-Clearance: The Hunt for QAnon",[10] aiming to clarify the origins and nature of the right wing political phenomenon QAnon.


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