Jake White Project

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Jake White Project
Origin New Jersey
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2004–2006
Labels JWP Records
Past members Jake White
Greg Sierpowski
Doug Atkins
Karim Faris
Faris Faris
Liliana Rose
Sandra Myers
Jeff DiTaranto

The Jake White Project was a short-lived New Jersey band that recorded three albums between 2004 and 2006.

The Jake White Project (aka JWP) was formed in 2004 in Whippany, New Jersey. It was the brainchild of Jake White, a songwriter from Millburn, New Jersey who had previously played in local bands Blue Eclipse and Stinson. He was joined by two high school friends; guitarist Doug Atkins and drummer Karim Faris, along with guitarist Greg Sierpowski and keyboardist Faris Faris (brother of Karim).

Once recording commenced, singer-songwriter Liliana Rose sang a few songs on the debut. The band's first album, Recreation, was released in June 2004. Shortly before the album tour, Sandra Myers took over as female lead vocalist.

JWP members Jake White and Faris Faris were contracted to write songs for two independent movie releases by film company New Generation Cinema in 2004.[1]

In May 2005, the band released its sophomore effort, Southbound, followed by another summer tour.

After the tour, both Faris brothers, Atkins, and Myers left the group. White and Sierpowski acted as a duo in making the third (and final) Jake White Project album, On My Own, in June 2006. Following the release of the album, the group formally disbanded. White and Sierpowski both went on to record their respective solo material. Atkins now plays with up and coming singer/songwriter Jessica Rose and DiTaranto is with New York metal band Forsakken.


Former Members


  • Recreation (JWP Records, 2004)
    "When I Gave You Me"
    "Hold on to the Night"
    "All My Life"
    "From Beginning to End"
  • Southbound (JWP Records, 2005)
    "My Last Breath"
    "Through With You"
    "Waiting (We Need To Be)"
    "By My Side"
  • On My Own (JWP Records, 2006)
    "The Last Year"
    "As It Tears"
    "Broken Circles"
    "Drowning (Gets You Through)"
    "Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi cover)


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