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This article is about a village in Rajasthan. For Town in Fatehabad district of Haryana, see Jakhal Mandi. For Railway Junction of Haryana/Punjab Border, see Jakhal Junction railway station.
Jakhal Burj (Fort)
Jakhal Burj (Fort)
Jakhal is located in Rajasthan
Jakhal is located in India
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°55′N 75°26′E / 27.91°N 75.44°E / 27.91; 75.44Coordinates: 27°55′N 75°26′E / 27.91°N 75.44°E / 27.91; 75.44
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Jhunjhunu
Elevation 375 m (1,230 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 6,583
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 333305
Telephone code 01594
ISO 3166 code RJ-IN

Jakhal is a village in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, India. It is located in the district of Jhunjhunu, approximately 20 km east of Nawalgarh and 30 km south of Jhunjhunu. Jakhal was founded by Salehadi Singh Shekhawat on August 9, 1732 (teej of Sravana Shukla 1789). Hundreds of its residents serve in Indian Army. However, the farming is the main occupation for the most of Jakhal residents. The main crops in the monsoon seasons are Bajara (Pearl Millet), Moth, and Guar. The main crops in the winter months are Wheat, Barley, Sarson (Mustard oil, Mustard seed), and Chana (Chickpeas).


1732 AD Founder: Thakur Salehadi Singh[edit]

Jakhal was founded by Thakur Salehadi Singh Shekhawat on August 9, 1732 (Teej of Sravana Shukla 1789). Salehadi Singh was the younger brother of Thakur Shardul Singh (ruler of Jhunjhunu). He was also the commander of his brother's army. He fought several wars on the behalf of his brother. However, he has to stay in Jakhal before attacking Bhorki. He was kind of impressed with the natural beauty of the area and decided to conquer the area from the local warlord. The warlord decided to keep quiet because he knew the stories about Salehadi Singh's bravery.

Jakhal Fort[edit]

In 1735, Salehadi Singh built a bastion (burj) in Jakhal. It is believed that Sikar's king Laxaman Singh destroyed parts of this burj in a cannon attack. The remains of this burj is still there (see photo right). Salehadi Singh's four sons – Samarth Singh, Sangraam Singh, Shev Singh, and Gulab Singh – decided to stay in Jakhal and their descendants still live in Jakhal in "Chaar Paana.


Jakhal is located at 27°55′N 75°26′E / 27.91°N 75.44°E / 27.91; 75.44. It has an average elevation of 375 metres (1230 feet).


Jakhal is located in the semi-desert area of the Thar Desert, the surrounding area is predominantly covered with sand dunes.


To the north of Jakhal is Bugala, Ajari, Baragaon, Jhunjhunu, Udawas. To the east of Jakhal is Sonthali, Titanwar, Gudha Gorji ka,. To the south is Bhorki, Inderpura, Udaipur Shekhawati, Dhamora. To the west is Kari, Barwasi, Nawalgarh, Mukundgarh, Sikar, Dundlod.


According to 2011 census, Jakhal had a population of 12,586. Major population in the village is of Shekhawat Rajputs about 1245 families followed by Muslims 544 families and Jats 880 families. Other castes in the village with number of families are Balai (123), Meena (47), Maniar (36), Brahman (15), Nai (24), Mahajan (10), Khati (29), Kumhar (69), Daroga (27), Bhangi (17).